The Economic Impact of Glasgow University

 4-consulting were asked to analyse Glasgow University’s economic  impact on  Scotland and on the rest of the UK in terms of jobs and  output generated and contribution to Scottish GDP. It went further to  analyse the distribution of University impact across Scotland. 

 The University’s output in 2013/14 was £500 million.  Through the  ‘knock-on’effects of its expenditure in that year, the University  generated an additional £700 million in other industries throughout  the  UK, with the majority (£600 million) coming from Scottish  Industries.  

 4-consulting showed the significance of Glasgow University as a  driver of the Scottish economy. We showed that University of  Glasgow  accounts for 0.5% of all Scottish  GVA, sustain around  £1.5bn worth of  output across Scotland and support 15,000 jobs  many outwith Glasgow.

 “The economic impact report outlined the role played by the  University  of Glasgow in supporting the city of Glasgow and  Scotland. The project  team delivered high quality and detailed  analysis within a challenging  timetable.”

Professor Neal Juster, Senior Vice Principal and Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Glasgow

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