St Margaret's Hope

4-consulting were part of a team providing a report to consider the consultation draft of the St Margaret’s Hope Masterplan in South Ronaldsay.  DTP Urban Design was awarded the contract to undertake some initial community engagement and to produce a revised masterplan for the settlement.

4-consulting helped support the Development and Marine Planning Team and in order to gather the appropriate economic data that would be necessary to underpin the masterplan and any subsequent regeneration strategy for St Margaret’s Hope.

4-consulting showed that there were nearly 200 jobs in South Ronaldsay and that a large share of them were based at St Margaret’s Hope or held by people living there. 4-consulting also showed that around one fifth of employment in South Ronaldsay was associated with the public sector, including schools, health and residential care.  This is a similar figure for the proportion of employment accounted for by the public sector in St Margaret’s Hope.

In April 2016 the Masterplan was approved by full council.


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