St Andrews Economy and Tourism

4-consulting were consulted to provide a report on St Andrews economy, tourism and businesses.  The report described how the economy of St Andrews is linked with the rest of Fife (and Scotland) and the potential benefits of encouraging small changes in the number of visitors to St Andrews.  The baseline information set out in this report will be helpful in providing evidence for funding applications and prioritising activities to support town centre businesses.

4-consulting showed that the economy of St Andrews has a turnover of nearly £660 million.  Turnover in the St Andrews tourism industry stands at £110 million, accounting for nearly one third of all tourism across Fife. Tourism accounts for more than one in five jobs in St Andrews. This is more than double the share of tourism jobs across Scotland.

St Andrews generates £286 million of wages each year with £135 million of wages flowing to communities around St Andrews. Over the last five years St Andrews has accounted for nearly one third of all job growth across Fife. Several ‘high value tourism’ businesses were identified in St Andrews.  High value tourism businesses added up to around 400 jobs with a turnover of around £50 million.

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