Linlithgow Town Centre - The Views of Businesses, Residents and Visitors

4-consulting were asked to assess the impact of traffic management options in Linlithgow town centre. West Lothian declared an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) in April 2016.  This started the formal process to develop a plan to tackle pollution in Linlithgow’s town centre.

4-consulting produced a detailed survey for resident & Visitors as well as the Businesses of the town centre. Face-to-face interviews were used to explore issues in more detail and collect evidence on the impacts of proposed traffic management options. 

4-consulting showed that through lost revenue and increased costs town centre businesses are losing around £340,000 each year. More than one quarter of people walking to Linlithgow’s town centre said they spent less time there due to congestion and parking and nearly 40% said they visited less often.

4-c consulting were able to show that parking enforcement was a significant concern for most businesses, 61% wanted better enforcement of parking regulations while 18% did not. Almost two thirds (61%) of the businesses stated that parking restrictions should be enforced compared to almost one in five (18%) who did not feel enforcement would be beneficial.  15% of businesses were neutral about parking enforcement.

“We have worked with 4-consulting on numerous projects. On each occasion, they have provided professional and in-depth analysis of research. The consultancy team are efficient, friendly and provide a high level of research expertise as well as worked closely with BID at every stage.”

Stewart Ness, Linlithgow Town Centre BID Manager

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