Gleneagles Economic Impact

4-consulting was commissioned by the Gleneagles Hotel to Investigate the Economic Impact of Gleneagles at different geographies covering the local community, a wider local area and Scotland. 

Since opening in 1924, the Gleneagles Hotel has continually made significant contributions to the local community creating jobs, providing income and supporting local businesses.  The Gleneagles Hotel generates over £104 million in turnover across the Scottish economy, adding £60 million in value, sustaining nearly 2,000 jobs and providing nearly £37 million in income for workers in Scotland.

The performance of the Gleneagles Hotel reflects the strong links with the rest of Scotland’s economy and the relatively high value of activities undertaken at the resort.  This is underpinned by the Gleneagles Hotel ability to attract guests,                                                                                                       and therefore income, from outside of Scotland.

“Richard Marsh provided valuable models and insights to enable Gleneagles to understand the breadth and scale of its impact on the local and Scottish economy.”

David Kemp, Finance Director, Gleneagles Hotel (2012)

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