Contact Centre Review

4-consulting was commissioned by Fife Council to survey the contact centre industry across Fife to help inform the future development of the industry organisation ContactFife which helps to promote Fife as a leading location for contact centres in Scotland.  

This included a survey of Fife contact centres across a range of industries from banking to broadcasting. A profile of the industry in Fife benchmarked against other regions across the UK was provide and a workshop was held with stakeholders. A summary of likely future industry trends was presented alongside the likely opportunities for development of the industry in Fife.

Contact centres are difficult to define as they stretch across several different industries and are now often run as part of the broader operations of larger companies rather than standalone centres. Our study team accessed government business survey data to map activities showing different business units within companies to provide a fuller picture of the local industry.

"4-consulting delivered a high quality baseline study, with the outcome of a report on time and within budget.  This will help the network decide how to develop and what its main priorities should be." 

Dot Smith, Economic Advisor, Fife Council (July 2012)

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